Copy of About Us

My Mission

After spending years in the ever-evolving consumer goods industry, I am proud to now offer a product designed to improve health while also reflecting sustainable values. 

I wanted to produce more than just a consumer product. My goal lay in creating a company that performs responsibly in all phases of business.  

This means not only creating a product that will enhance our customers’ health and well being, but also reflects our commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment, including the ethical and compassionate treatment of people and the planet.

My Story

I formerly led a company in the fast-moving consumer brand business but aspired to more. My goal lay in founding a company that reflected both my commitment to my customers, but also to the environment. 

Starting a new business from scratch in Australia always presents a challenge. When that company is led by a female, even more obstacles present themselves. Adding a firm commitment to comprehensive sustainability makes the job even tougher.

But is anything worthwhile ever easy?

I am proud that my company reflects the core values that I follow in my everyday life, including commitments to worthy and impactful environmental and animal welfare groups. 

Doing things the right way takes more innovation and work, but we all benefit in the end from a cleaner and more just planet.

The Range

Our range is a world first combing the functional macro vitamins, minerals and ingredients giving our customers more that satisfy on the go wellness requirements, without the need to blend or mix.

We address 4 key health concerns we all face today;

Boost is your for a post work out, post night out Vitamin C immune booster reducing fatigue as well stimulating your bodies own Collagen production or to retain collagen supplements you are adding to your daily routine.

Glow is our fabulous tasting Collagen and super food Acai beauty enhancer which will leave you glowing from inside out and your hair healthy and strong. 

Refresh is our all natural, no additives ever added rapid harvested pure coconut water. Refresh is the ideal thirst quencher or blend base for your added supplement pills and potions rich in potassium and magnesium, Refresh is the ultimate hydration partner. 

Restore is the ultimate in gut calming tonics. With 100% of your daily prebiotic intake in one pack and without the use of sugars, Restore gives you every day prebiotic gut protection and restoration with the beautiful flavour of Lychee. 

How Sustainability Defines Our Mission

Our mission with this product revolves around the concept of sustainability.

First, we know that this product will help our customers to better sustain their health. With new information coming out almost daily about coconut water health benefits, this could serve as an essential piece of our customers’ health regimen.

More importantly, however, we have committed to operating in a responsible and environmentally sustainable fashion. We always strive to use packaging with the lowest pollution footprint and highest recyclability whilst adhering to best practice in production. Our manufacturing process aspires to reduce waste in both energy and materials, reducing waste and working closely with environmental bodies in each country we distribute in.

You can buy Coco Luxe online or visit our stockist page to find a store near you.